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December 8, 201310 years ago

CW Decoder - Morse Code Decryptor


I've been thinking for a while about building CW Decoder. I found Francesco's circuit ik3oil on internet. I've seen too many positive feedbacks about circuit and decided to make one of for myself. Total building time is 3-4 days after purchase parts, etching board, assembly and testing. You can find schematics, pcb board layout, part list on attached photos. Read more

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December 10, 201211 years ago

HDD PCB Board Replacement

If your HDD decided to not functioning anymore, there are couple solutions. However this method will be use only board problems but platters, heads or motor We were using same technique without cahnging firmware informations for old type HDD without any problem. But new generation HDD are different. Nowadays informations are keeping both NVRAM and platters. Therefore if you gonna change just PCB from new HDD to broken one, HDD may not work as expected. Read more
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January 8, 201212 years ago

Desktop MP3 Player

I had a broken LCD notebook. And also old vcd player. I decided to make a mp3 player. At he beginning I used green display  than I chance it to blue one. OS is windows and has a remote control which is controlled by an plugin into winamp application Read more
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September 11, 200815 years ago

HDD Recovery with Serial Interface

Revover your data from bricked HDD via serial interface ...

I had a Seagate ST31000333AS model 7200.11 1TB HDD and it's stop working. That was an external HDD in USB case. I was using for backup and I tried to get some files from my HDD and I couldn't reach the drive. HDD motor start to spin up but after couple seconds heads are parking and spin down and start over again (forever). I tried to be optimistic and I thought AC adapter was broken and not enough power for USB box, I plug it to Desktop but result was the same. I fixed many HDD before some of my friends (notebook, desktop, Raid 5 etc) but this time it was my data's Read more
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September 11, 200815 years ago

PCB with Pozitiv 20

Kendi elektronik devrenizi üretmek isterseniz basılı bir karta da ihtiyacınız olacaktır. Bu durumda birkaç yöntem var; kalemle çizmek, lazer yazıcıdan kuşe kağıda baskı alıp ütü ile transfer, yeni teknoloji "PNP" kağıda baskı alıp transfer, cnc ile kazıyarak oluşturmak yada pozitif 20 ile hazırlamak. Read more