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Fender Stratocaster

Fender Gitar Yapımı

Fender Guitar building
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Jeep CJ5

Jeep CJ5 Restorasyonu

77 Model Jeep restorasyon aşamaları
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Teras Restorasyonu

Teras Restorasyon Çalışmaları

3 defa restorasyon geçiren terasın yapım aşamaları
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Yelkenli Restorasyonu

Yelkenli Tekne Restorasyon Aşamaları

Hurda olarak alınan yelkenli teknenin restorasyon çalışmaları
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Harley Hava Filtresi

Hava Filtresi İmalatı

Kendi motorsikletim için tasarladığım hava filtresi imalat aşamaları
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Atöyle Yapım

Diğer terasta bulunan alanda çalışabilmek için tasarladığım atölyenin yapımı
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Balance Bike

Denge Bisikleti

İnternette gördüğüm fotoğraftan esinlenerek imal ettiğim denge bisikleti projesi
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it's not about ideas. it's about making ideas happen ...

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March 27, 201712 months ago

Masaüstü Çekmeceli Torna Altı Dolabı

Sorry, this entry is only available in Turkish.

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January 28, 20162 years ago

R/C Plane Rack

I wanted to store my rc planes. I research some projects on internet and draw my plan. Construction has been done with PVC pipe and fittings.. To protect plane edges, I  used isolation material. So far so good. Read more
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August 12, 20152 years ago

Pocket Bike Restoration

I bought second hand pocket bike for my boy. Many parts was broken and engine hasn't starting I tear down all the parts. Repair cracks with epoxy resin, paint to black. I order new piston, bearings, gaskets, spark plug etc for fixing engine. Here are some photos Read more
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October 10, 20143 years ago

Stick Horse DIY

My little son wants to ride a horse, I checked on internet and saw one cool pattern. I drew bigger one on a piece of paper. Than I transfer to the plywood and cut with jigsaw. The horse will be use indoor therefore I attach rubber ball end of the stick to reduce the noise. Other end cut and trim for the head of horse. This is a simple project took only an hour but the little jockey happiness ... Read more

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December 31, 20134 years ago

CyberGuy Logo on Notebook Cover

I want to make a logo of my nickname on my notebook's cover. An inspiration from apple :). You may follow photos below. Read more