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Fender Stratocaster

Fender Gitar Yapımı

Fender Guitar building
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Jeep CJ5

Jeep CJ5 Restorasyonu

77 Model Jeep restorasyon aşamaları
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Teras Restorasyonu

Teras Restorasyon Çalışmaları

3 defa restorasyon geçiren terasın yapım aşamaları
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Yelkenli Restorasyonu

Yelkenli Tekne Restorasyon Aşamaları

Hurda olarak alınan yelkenli teknenin restorasyon çalışmaları
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Harley Hava Filtresi

Hava Filtresi İmalatı

Kendi motorsikletim için tasarladığım hava filtresi imalat aşamaları
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Atöyle Yapım

Diğer terasta bulunan alanda çalışabilmek için tasarladığım atölyenin yapımı
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Balance Bike

Denge Bisikleti

İnternette gördüğüm fotoğraftan esinlenerek imal ettiğim denge bisikleti projesi
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it's not about ideas. it's about making ideas happen ...

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December 10, 201210 years ago

HDD PCB Board Replacement

If your HDD decided to not functioning anymore, there are couple solutions. However this method will be use only board problems but platters, heads or motor We were using same technique without cahnging firmware informations for old type HDD without any problem. But new generation HDD are different. Nowadays informations are keeping both NVRAM and platters. Therefore if you gonna change just PCB from new HDD to broken one, HDD may not work as expected. Read more
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Tags: fotoğraf, kap, uçurtma
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March 28, 201211 years ago

KAP Kite Aerial Photography

You may follow building photos below Read more
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March 26, 201211 years ago

Leather Cigar Box DIY

One of my favorites is Jack Daniel's and Cigars.

I decided to make a single cigar tube for myself. Inside of the tube made by wood and outside is made by leather. If I'm gonna find a cool wood I will make a wooden tube later on. Here you can find production process. Read more

Posted in : Projeler
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Tags: diy, horse, kinetik
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February 23, 201211 years ago

cyberhorse mechanical horse

mechanical horse, made with copper wire. took 2 weeks after research and development session. there are total 65 joints at sculpture. hoof made from lead by carving. Read more
Posted in : Restorasyon
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Tags: atölye, diy, restorasyon
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January 16, 201211 years ago

Workshop Construction

When I was thinking back terrace for entertainment. I decided to construct a workshop on front terrace. After I drew plans. I order pvc frames and windows. Rest of all belongs to me Read more